Dinosour Sales Leader Test


From time to time, people will call me asking for a referral to an “A Player” sales leader.  I enjoy playing match maker and try to help when I can. Helping someone land their dream job is fulfilling.


Referring someone to a CEO is a credibility building or credibility destroying task.  Our sales consulting firm gets paid based on the quality of our advice.  I will spend more than a few minutes screening someone before passing their name along.  This has taught me a lot.


Sales 2.0 has swept the globe. There are sales leaders who have evolved. There are sales leaders who have not evolved.   CEO’s do not want to hire sales leaders running yesterday’s play book.  They want someone who can lead them into this new buyer driven world.  But, how do you know if your skills are current or not? Here is a fun tool that might help:


The Dinosaur Test: 10 Questions to Understand if You Have Become Obsolete.

1-      Territories are determined based on geography: True or False.

2-      Leads are generated by sales reps: True or False.

3-      A single standard sales process generates the best sales results: True or False.

4-      More channel partners is better than fewer channel partners: True or False.

5-      Single purpose sales roles outperform multipurpose sales roles: True or False.

6-      Headcount is determined by how many reps a company can afford: True or False.

7-      Sales managers should carry an individual sales quota, plus the team quota: True or False.

8-      The sales compensation plan should pay top performers 3x the bottom performers: True or False.

9-      Hiring decisions should be made based on test results derived from online assessments: True or False.

10-   Strategic accounts should be labeled such based on the revenue they contribute: True or False.




How did you do?


8-10 questions correct, and you are an evolved sales leader. I would refer you to a CEO.

5-7 questions correct, and you are in the middle of the pack. I would not refer you to a CEO, yet. We have some work to do, but the finish line is in sight.

0-4 questions correct, and you are below average. I would not refer you to a CEO and would ask if your heart is into it. You have some catching up to do.

Is there more to it than this?  Of course there is. The ten questions above merely reflect a 30 minute telephone screen I would perform before putting my name next to yours.  Are there better questions to ask? Sure. Are there more qualified people to run such a screen? Probably. My opinion is just one. You would be wise to seek many more.


The sad reality is there are more dinosaur sales leaders than there are highly evolved sales leaders. Maybe this is why CEOs are calling me with more frequency this year. The superstar sales leaders are making lots of money and are having a blast.  The dinosaurs are flat out miserable.  It does not have to be this way. Your dream job is a phone call away.  If the call came today, are you ready?


Invest in yourself.


P.S. If you want some explanation about why an answer was true or false shoot me an email at greg.alexander@salesbenchmarkindex.com and I will get you an answer.



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