Marketing VP, CMOMarketing as a skill is no different. Download the marketing leader assessment to identify your blind spots.

Reaching the most senior marketing position requires A-Player talent.   We like to think that we’re at the top of our game.  Now that you’re on top, your marketing skills may be eroding.


This article is written for A-Players to sharpen their game.  If you think ‘Instagram’ is a printed publication you haven’t heard of yet… you can stop now. You’re a dinosaur. Roar with vigor as you terrorize your co-workers into panic.  Beware of the coming ice age. It’s just a CEO change or question from the PE Firm/Board around the corner.   


As your career progresses you move farther away from the front line.  Marketing leaders often stay current through multiple sources. 


  • New trends surfaced by tech-savvy marketing staff
  • Social media feeds and blogs
  • Exposure to innovative campaign plans from your agency
  • Conference presentations from peers


This approach to learning is positive.  The danger is two-fold;


  1. Sense of security that you are completely current.
  2. Your team adds tactics without advances in process adoption.


More net new tactics are loaded onto a marketing team.  Yet the marketing team operates with the same old processes.  Likely these processes are not aligned to today’s buyer. 


Have You Evolved with the Buyer?

Marketing strategy has evolved at breakneck speed. Have you? If ‘BPM’ doesn’t ring a bell then you may need to pedal faster. 


Don’t think that marketing strategy is like an ageless classic car.  Nothing can be farthest from the truth.  New buyer-centered processes are at the center of marketing strategy.  In the past year we’ve seen the following new advances that impact marketing strategy;


  • Buyer Process Mapping (BPM) to the micro-decision
  • Ecosystem planning
  • Alignment of content to the buying process


These developments have a major impact on your business.  Keeping up with how Pinterest can be leveraged doesn’t cut it.  Buying Marketing Automation is not enough.  Your team needs a solid strategic plan supported by modern buyer processes. 


Your marketing plan must include the latest best practice approaches.  This will enable you to engage prospects early in the buying process.  Marketing Processes are what ties everything together. A great plan without process doesn’t get off the ground.  A great process without a plan is pointless.


Leading Indicators of Greatness

Process is a strong leading indicator of marketing strategies that are grounded in execution.  Marketing processes are monitored closely by CMO’s of world class organizations. 


Carefully assess the marketing processes that power each of the following activities:


  • Marketing & Audience Planning
  • Campaign Planning
  • Execution
  • Measurement
  • Feedback loop


To hit your number for 2013 you may need to evolve.  The worst thing that can happen is that you confirm you’re at the top of your game. Likely you will find one key blind spot. Proactively survey the path ahead.  Perform a self-assessment of your process best practices.   


Why Technology by itself isn’t enough to keep up

Marketing technology adoption is moving at a rapid pace.  The demands on a CMO to be technically savvy are greater than ever.   Yet technology primarily automates and streamlines processes.  Automating bad processes simply accelerates poor results.  A fantastic blog post on this topic of process automation: Is Your Lead Generation Program an Automated Idiot? 


Social media is very similar.  Marketing leaders can have a false sense of staying current by knowing the latest social outlets.  Social media plays an important role.  SBI Lead Generation clients are finding certain social outlets to be top quality lead producers.  Most important though is the greater overall marketing strategy/process. 


Crush Your Number in 2013

Stay at the top of your game with marketing process adoption.  Don’t get snowed into thinking you are advanced because of niche technology tactics.  Focus on marketing process to guide your team in world-class execution. 


Download this tool here to help you.



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