How can you ensure you are selecting and developing “A” players across the organization? This is especially important for your sales and marketing teams. Watch here as my colleague, Matt Sharrers and I, discuss a topic near and dear to every executive – talent. We’ll start the discussion with the “success equation.” We’ll explain why hitting your revenue objective is 50% performance conditions and 50% talent. And how you can be sure to put the right talent in the right performance conditions.


Then we’ll dive into the seven steps to developing a talent strategy. Your strategy is where the direction for the company’s talent department is determined. This strategy must address assessments, recruitment, development and retention of top talent. Additionally, we will explain how to align your people program with the corporate strategy. And how to use your talent to best position your company to beat the competition and outpace the market.


Throughout the episode, we’ll also hear from other CEOs, HR, sales and marketing leaders. They’ll share with our audience their approach to talent strategy. You’ll hear how your peers are selecting and developing their talent to hit their revenue growth goals.


A well-defined talent strategy means the CEO and his executive team have confidence that their people can execute and deliver on the business objectives. Watch here as we break down the seven steps you need to take to ensure you have the right talent to be successful. We’ll explain how many of the best executives successfully execute this critical piece of the revenue growth puzzle.