Remember, you are hiring sales professionals.  They are looking for an exciting career, with huge upside, and a competitive, fun environment.  Many job postings are about as exciting as watching Judge Judy on a Tuesday afternoon.  They include a bunch of HR policies and mumbo jumbo that make Sales Reps run in the other direction.  Also, listing 50 different requirements doesn’t make the job sound more important. Sales professionals think they are going to be bogged down doing so many non-selling activities that they may never make a single dollar in commissions. 


So what do you do?

  1. Cut out the noise
  2. Include only the key competencies (focus on scorecard)
  3. Put the HR requirements in the back and minimize them


Cut out the noise:

  • Bad: We need a team player to execute the corporate strategy while focusing on core business objectives that will lead to long-term success.
  • Try Instead:  Need experience team selling with a track record of exceeding quotas


Include the Key Competencies (focus on scorecard) required for the job:

  • Drive new business growth through aggressive prospecting
  • Minimize customer churn by executing ABC company’s client retention game-plan
  • Increase market share within existing client portfolio


Put the HR requirements in the back and minimize them as much as possible:

  • These can be a necessary evil, but do whatever you can to shrink, compress, and eliminate them.  No sales person in the history of mankind has been attracted to a job because it was a requirement to be able to lift 25 pounds and have a driver’s license.


What have we learned?  Having clear and concise role definitions can help weed out the people you don’t want to apply and attract the “A” players that are looking for a dynamic and challenging sales career.  Are you wondering why that post on Monster only drove 2 applicants and 1 of them is currently mowing the neighbor’s lawn for a career?  Read the job/role description again and put yourself in the candidate’s shoes.  Are you inadvertently screening top talent?


Scott Gruher

Orchestrates and designs the perfect project strategy, one engagement at a time, to ensure that every SBI client makes their number.

Scott joined SBI in 2010 with years of hands-on experience in sales leadership and enterprise selling. Since his arrival, he has helped dozens of organizations dramatically accelerate growth, from Fortune 10 organizations like Phillips 66 to fast-growing cloud service organizations like InfusionSoft. Scott specializes in cross-functional alignment. He helps leaders align around the growth goal and design the right processes to bring the strategy to life. His unique combination of real world experience and a pragmatic approach to problem solving have made him one of SBI’s most demanded resources.

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