How do you ensure the holiday lull doesn’t leave you behind the number?  Since over 75% of organization’s fiscal years match the calendar year, November and December represent the home stretch and determine whether your year was a success or not.


Holiday Go To Market StrategyMany Sales Leaders anticipate a slow December by preparing their staff for the “inevitable”. It seems as if everyone in the business community not only plans for this but accepts the notion that sales will be slow; period.  Why give everyone on your team an excuse for poor performance?  Instead, approach the holiday season as a way to refine your strategy.  During this season you have to outshine all the other sales professionals trying to get time with decision makers in organizations.


CREATE PROVOCATIVE OFFERS:  Focus your demand generation messaging.  If I am the decision maker at an organization why do I want to meet with you in December?  Below are a few things to keep in mind when creating provocative offers that will get you in the door during the holiday season.


1. Decision Maker Availability: Although vacations are prevalent, many decision makers are not burdened with the typical day-to-day noise involved with running the business.  Try calling them before 8 or after 5:30 to get an appointment.


2. Tax Advantage: Many purchases, whether you are selling B2B or B2C, can be used as a tax deduction for that year. 


3. Excess Budget: Use it or lose it. They may need to spend the money in fear they won’t be allocated that amount in the budget for the following year.


4. Over Budget: You might be able to offer deferred payments that won’t have to be made until the New Year. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of bad timing. Determine whether or not this is a purchase your prospect will inevitably be making. If so, and they are simply concerned about taking on another expense, see what can be done about offering them some type of finance or payment program.


5. December Psyche: People are willing to spend money. Look at retail sales. You just need to find a unique messaging or strong selling point that fits into the holiday spirit. How can you position your product or service so that it is timely enough to tie in with year-end business goals, family or the holidays? Adjust your presentation so it fits accordingly.


6. Morale: Morale is usually higher during the holiday season.  Find ways to capitalize.


7. Deal Approvals: Historically there have not been many deals coming in the door in December; you may have a higher chance of getting your deals approved even if they may be slightly better terms that the typical deal.


8. January Price Increase: Many companies raise their prices in January. Clients can take advantage of your lower pricing structure before the year is out.


The last six weeks of the year represent almost 10% of your total selling time for the year.  Don’t allow your team to approach this time of year as hopeless.  Create a Go to Market Strategy that produces quick wins to show your team that the holidays are a time to refine their skills and their effort is not wasted.


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