Speakers: Walt Megura | Matt Sharrers, Melissa Valdez, SBI
Why your proven approach may be doomed in a new market. Increase your probability of success by matching your sales strategy and talent to the new market.


Joining us for today’s show is Walt Megura, Vice President of Emerging Industry Segments and Channels for Ericcson. Walt is here to share his experience in creating new beachheads in verticals that provide future long-term growth to Ericsson. Matt and Walt will leverage SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook. Turn to the Sales Strategy section and flip to the People Plan phase starting on page 367. 


Today we’re going to demonstrate how to ensure you have the right sales strategy and talent to enter new markets. If you prefer to watch the interview in HD video, click here.


Why is this an important topic? To grow revenue, companies are moving into adjacent spaces. Assumptions made during the planning process make or break the success of the entry into new markets. The selling motion that has worked so beautifully for you in other markets, may or may not work in new markets. 


In this first segment we discuss how to ensure you have the right sales strategy and talent to enter new markets. To begin, Walt shares an overview of the business challenges faced as Ericsson sought to enter new markets. For each new market, Walt describes how you determine the value of your solution to the market. In other words, how did you validate that the ambition to enter the new market is supported by the capabilities of your solution? 


Walt then describes the strategies to enter new markets and outlines the different types of strategies. Did you have an effectiveness (focus on penetration of the market with land & expand), or an efficiency strategy (profitable business)?


In the second segment we discuss how to assess sales talent and what is required for success in each of the markets you want to enter. How were the sales hiring profiles different that the proven profile of the core business? How do you evaluate existing sales talent? Who has been successful in other markets?


We wrap up the show by describing the points of differentiation to look for in each new market and how these factors impact the sales strategy. The variance in sales cycles and buying dynamics will influence how you structure your sales force and the strategy you deploy.


In summary, Walt’s interview provides a valuable context to help you avoid the trap of simply applying a proven approach from your core markets. Increase your probability of success by matching your sales strategy and talent to the new market. To evaluate your sales strategy for the new market, consider leveraging an interactive tool that will help you understand if you have a chance at success. Take the Revenue Growth Diagnostic test and rate your Sales Strategy against SBI’s emerging best practices.


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Matt Sharrers

Leads the firm's focus on the CEO’s role in accelerating revenue growth by embracing emerging best practices to grow revenue faster than the industry and competitors. 

Matt Sharrers is the CEO of SBI, a management consulting firm specialized in sales and marketing that is dedicated to helping you Make Your Number. Forbes recognizes SBI as one of The Best Management Consulting Firms in 2017.


Over the course of nearly a decade at SBI, Matt Sharrers was an instrumental early partner guiding SBI as the Senior Partner. Matt’s functional responsibilities included acting as the head of sales where he led SBI’s double-digit revenue growth, and was responsible for the hiring function to build SBI’s team of revenue generation experts.


Prior to joining SBI in 2009, Matt spent eleven years leading sales and marketing teams as a Vice President of Sales. Matt has “lived in the field.” As a result, he is the foremost expert in the art of separating fact from fiction as it relates to revenue growth best practices. CEOs and Private equity investors turn to Matt’s team at SBI when they need to unlock trapped growth inside of their companies.



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