Extending An Offer

Do you know the pain associated with a mis hire? On average it is trending at over 6 times base salary for a sales rep; over 15 times for a sales leader. If you have not calculated your cost of mishire, you can do so here.  Knowing this is table stakes.


Why you should care–Nothing is worse than when somebody you hire resigns for the very reasons you identified in the interview process. Talk about a punch in the mouth; and you sit in your office with your head in hands muttering,  “I knew it”.  But, you convinced yourself otherwise in the process. We all love giving ourselves the answers we want to hear. Exhale; I have a solution.


Take our Hiring Self Assessment Test.  It will answer three critical questions for you:


  1. Are you decisive when hiring?
  2. Do you ask yourself tough questions at the moment of truth?
  3. Are you certain this person is your next ‘A’ player? (you will never know for sure but these questions will increase your chances)




describe the imageOur firm has observed sales leaders who are best in class at bringing new sales talent into their organizations. They have mastered this key component of talent management. And one of the ways they do this is they ask themselves Yes/No Questions.  In order to make a hire, they must achieve 100%. Anything less and they move on.  The absolute element eliminates the fence sitting. Think about the last person you hired.   If you had asked yourself some of the questions in the above assessment, would each question receive “Yes”?


Call To Action:

Sales talent is a precious resource. Most people have 5-10 direct reports. Each person represents 10-20% of your ability to be successful. Put yourself through a tough review here; they won’t all work out but you will significantly reduce the risk and improve your chances of making the number.


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Matt Sharrers

Studies and works with the top 1% of B2B sales and marketing leaders who generate above average revenue growth for their companies.

Matt is arguably one of the industry’s most connected, and physically fit, sales leaders. He “lives in the field.” As a result, he is the foremost expert in the art of separating fact from fiction as it relates to revenue growth best practices. Because of Matt’s unique access to the best sales talent, private equity investors tend to turn to him first when they need to hire remarkable leaders to unlock trapped growth inside of their portfolio companies. Matt’s recent engagements include work commissioned by private equity leaders Permira, TPG, Bain Capital and Hellman & Friedman.


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