Many organizations need to grow revenue by launching new products. If this is the case for your company, you want to be sure you get it right. Listen to our podcast as we discuss your product strategy. Specifically, we’ll uncover how to plan and execute successful new product launches.  


My co-host Matt Sharrers and I will explore the best ways to hit your revenue growth goals through new products. We’ll explore:


  • How to communicate the value of your product, and why someone would want to buy it.
  • How to plan for a launch, ensuring your entire organization is ready to take the new product to market.
  • How to execute your plan in order to achieve your product’s business objectives.


During the episode we will also hear from other sales and marketing leaders. For example, Chris Perry, president of global sales, marketing and client solutions at Broadridge Financial, will explain the importance of strategic alignment. He’ll discuss why there must be alignment between all functions in order to successfully launch new products.


In order to grow revenue, your product strategy must clearly define your launch plan. Listen here as Matt and I discuss how to ensure the entire organization is ready to engage in the launch of your new product. Without this crucial step, even the best product development will not succeed.