Your company has grown. That’s a good thing. New products are launching. Filling gaps in the market. All signs are saying it should lead to more growth. It should be an exciting time. There’s a catch though. As a Sales Enablement leader, you know there’s a gap. The content is lacking. Sure, content exists, but it’s not the right content. Marketing has built some shiny new glossies, but are they field-ready? Is the content buyer-focused? Is it accessible by the sales team when and where they need it?


Stay Ahead of the Content Curve with New Product Launches

Before the launch, a little planning can help you answer these questions. Making sure you have the right content. Use this free Content Audit tool as a scoring framework. It will help you plan and manage content for better Sales Enablement. And prevent the scramble for content each time a new product launches. Most importantly, it’ll help you ensure the content is truly field-ready.


better_sales_ready_contentWhat is field-ready content?


  1. It’s content that is focused on the buyer
  2. Targeted to specific phases of the buyer’s buying process
  3. And in the hands of the field at the right place and time


The sales team needs this type of content to be more effective. Your planning and enablement can make it happen. This Content Audit tool will help you get there.


How Do I Manage All of the Content?

The Content Audit helps you get on the right track. It becomes a weighted inventory of the content you have. Some may be ready to go. Some may not. It highlights the gaps. The content areas that need some attention. So you can better prioritize your team’s focus. But you’ll also need some help.


Strong sales enablement leaders are collaborative. For content, make sure you are in lock step with your marketing team. They’re likely the author of most of the content. They should have access to the buyer personas as well. Buyer personas are key to making it field-ready. Plus the buying process maps. Have the marketing team help you with the audit. Engage them early in the process. And map out a regular cadence with them.


If you are not working with them, start now. Use the next product launch as the reason to connect.


How Does Your Content Stack Up?

New product launches should mean new opportunities for the sales team. And new opportunities for you to make an impact through your enablement. Don’t let content issues limit sales effectiveness. Content issues can be numerous. Sometimes there’s no content. Sometimes there’s too much. Or it’s just not hitting the mark.


To see the gaps, conduct a Content Audit. An upcoming product launch is great time to start. The audit’s scoring framework will help you. Get started with the steps below:


  1. Engage the marketing team
  2. Conduct the audit
  3. Include scoring on content accessibility
  4. Use the output for a content gap analysis


You’ll quickly see the content holes. You’ll see if the content is field-ready and buyer-focused. The output will be a roadmap to more effective content.


Make Sure You Have the Right Content

This Content Audit tool will show you the areas that need most attention. And help you deliver content that increases the value of your sales enablement. Start with an upcoming new product launch. And the earlier, the better. You need to make an impact as a Sales Enablement leader. Use this FREE tool to help.