David Meerman Scott has just released his 10th book, titled The New Rules of Sales and Service.  You can buy it here.  It is excellent and I recommend you read it.


What You Will Learn From This Book?

1.  Selling starts with the CEO.  If he/she is not an effective sales strategist, the company is doomed.

2.  “Getting in” is being replaced by “getting found.”

3.  Great content that tells a story is your best sales person.

4.  A new customer engagement approach called real time engagement.


Why This Book is Different?

David focuses on “restoring the human touch“ of selling.  This is a refreshing contrast to many of today’s best practices, which focus on technology.  Sales teams have too much technology and not enough outstanding humans.  David says, “People buy from people,“ and I agree. 


Why would someone buy from you? And when I say you, I don’t mean your company, but you personally.  If prospects are not becoming customers in enough quantity than you are doing something wrong.  These prospects are rejecting you.  The New Rules of Sales and Service suggest 5 things to do about it:


1.  Authentic storytelling

2.  Content marketing

3.  Big data

4.  Agile selling

5.  Real-time engagement


David spends 10 chapters discussing these 5 concepts.


Spend a couple hours understanding each by reading this book.