Speakers: Robin Saitz | , SBI



As a marketing leader, you must make sure your marketing strategy is in alignment with the other functions. For example, the corporate strategy will produce your marketing objectives. Is the company trying to acquire new logos, grow revenues or preserve the install base? The answer to this question will influence how your marketing team will behave. To help marketing leaders with this issue, we recently spoke with Robin Saitz, the CMO at Brainshark on the SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast. The topic of discussion was how she integrates her marketing strategy with the corporate, product and sales strategies.


Robin leads the marketing team at Brainshark, a technology company that helps companies improve productivity with cloud based business presentation solutions. She was brought on at Brainshark to assist during a transformation of the company. To do this successfully, it was especially important that her marketing plan aligned with the rest of the organization.


During the interview, she will answer questions such as:


  • What methodology was used to develop her strategic marketing plan?
  • What inputs does she need from the corporate, product and sales strategies when developing her marketing plan?
  • How does she sell her marketing strategy to the CEO, product and sales leaders?


Marketing strategies are too often created in silos. The result? Missed revenue goals. If you’re a newly hired marketing leader tasked with developing your marketing strategy, listen to Robin’s insights. She provides a great example of creating a marketing strategy that is in alignment with the rest of the organization.