One of the keys to making your number is ensuring your product and sales teams work well together. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Too often they are not in sync, resulting in lost revenue. We recently interviewed Inna Kuznetsova to discuss how to accelerate revenue growth by bringing strategic alignment to the product and sales strategies. Inna is the President of Inttra Marketplace and has over 20 years’ experience.


Many times products are brought to market with no input from the sales team. This results in a poor return on the R&D budget. Additionally, too many companies release fantastic new products that don’t generate revenue. Why? Because the sales team does not know how to sell them. This discord between these two functions can be disastrous.


To combat these issues, Inna will walk us through various stages from product launch readiness, to factoring in costs and first steps. She’ll explain the concept of a product council, and how it helps align the product strategy with the sales team. She’ll help you determine which channels to use, and how your product should be marketed, sold and bought. In the final segment, Inna will share three tactics our audience can use immediately to ensure alignment when launching new products.


Bringing new products to market will help you grow your revenue. But only if it is done right. Watch as Inna explains why your product launch depends on both the product and sales teams. And learn how to make sure they are on the same page to hit your revenue growth goals.