Often times the different functions inside an organization work in silos. This causes missed revenue growth goals, and a great deal of wasted time and resources. At the end of the day, a company’s fate is sealed by strategy. Watch here as my colleague, George de los Reyes and I discuss the execution and alignment of your corporate strategy.


We’ll start the episode by defining strategic alignment. We’ll explain what it is, and is not, and why it’s critical to your success. We’ll dive into how to ensure all the different functions inside the company are working together collectively and in the same direction.


Next, we’ll discuss the implications of strategic alignment. We’ll walk the audience through SBI’s Revenue Growth Maturity Model, and how to plot your organization on the scale. Additionally, throughout the episode we will hear from some of the top sales and marketing leaders on how they maintain strategic alignment.


Ultimately, having functional strategies is not enough. They must also be in alignment across the board. Watch as we discuss the severe implications of misaligned strategies, and how to instead consistently grow revenue. We’ll also provide an additional resource for our audience, SBI’s 10th annual workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017. It’s your guide to predictable and hassle-free revenue growth, year after year.


Matt Sharrers

Studies and works with the top 1% of B2B sales and marketing leaders who generate above average revenue growth for their companies.

Matt is arguably one of the industry’s most connected, and physically fit, sales leaders. He “lives in the field.” As a result, he is the foremost expert in the art of separating fact from fiction as it relates to revenue growth best practices. Because of Matt’s unique access to the best sales talent, private equity investors tend to turn to him first when they need to hire remarkable leaders to unlock trapped growth inside of their portfolio companies. Matt’s recent engagements include work commissioned by private equity leaders Permira, TPG, Bain Capital and Hellman & Friedman.


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