Speakers: Merijn te Booij | , SBI



This week on the SBI Sales and Marketing podcast we talk shop with a different sort of guest. I interviewed a product expert, Merijn te Booij, the executive VP of product strategy at Genesys. Listen here as we discuss connecting a sales strategy to the product roadmap.


Genesys is an enterprise software company who is the market leader in the omni-channel customer experience and contact center solutions. And Merijn is responsible for the company’s product strategy.


He will explain why your product roadmap and sales strategy must be on the same page. To help you achieve strategic alignment, Merijn will discuss topics such as:


  • How to determine which market problems are the most attractive to address.
  • The sales team’s involvement in prioritizing market problems, and building the product roadmap.
  • How to keep the sales team focused on the right products.
  • How to make sure the sales force is ready for each new release prior to the product launch.


As the product leader, you need to involve your sales force. Their input should inform your decisions when deciding on new products, new releases or new bundles. Listen here to Merijn’s insights on keeping your sales strategy on track with your product roadmap. It will help your chances to hit your revenue growth goal consistently, year after year.