Many product leaders are tasked with growing revenue by bringing a new product to market. This is a daunting task. Will the new product solve your market’s problem? What is the value of your new product? And how should you bring it to market? These are all questions asked by product leaders. Watch here to learn how one of your peers answered these questions and much more. Ultimately, he was able to develop an innovative new product and grow revenues by 500%.


It’s an interview with Marc Osofsky, the Senior Vice President and General Manager at Lionbridge Technologies. Lionbridge is a $600 million dollar public company and is the global leader in translation services. Marc was able to take his new, ground breaking product to market, and become the fastest growing division in the organization. He shared his experience with us, and provided insight into how he was able to reinvent himself.  While also igniting revenue growth through his new product.


During the show Marc will offer key insights into his success. He’ll explain how he found the opportunity, and turned his vision into a reality. He will also discuss how he developed a road map for his new product. And offer advice on how to successfully launch new products.


Entering new markets in pursuit of revenue growth is not easy. Marc was able to overcome this at Lionbridge by using a well thought out strategy. This sounds simple, but don’t confuse simple with easy. Without a documented strategy Marc would not have been able to build his new division which is now at $100 million in revenue and still growing. Click here to listen to his advice.