As 2015 begins, your team is probably focused on executing the strategic plan.


Successful execution relies on your team being able to deploy many programs at once.  They also need to measure performance and quickly adjust tactics to meet targets. We’ll take a look at several questions that will help you evaluate your team’s ability to execute the plan.


Does Your Sales Team Understand Its Purpose?

Success depends on your team understanding their purpose, objectives, and goals.  Without a clear game plan, team members may engage in marginal even counterproductive activities.  Work through the following questions:


  • Do you have a sales team charter?  The sales charter outlines the team’s purpose, objectives, and goals.Use the charter to jumpstart conversation about roles, tactics, and challenges.


  • Are team members communicating appropriately?  Team members should be able to collaborate with their peers and their managers.These communications should be concise and clearly detail action items.  Miscommunication, vague directives, and ambiguous goals need to be addressed immediately.


  • Is the sales strategy aligned with corporate and marketing strategy?  Sales strategy, corporate strategy and marketing strategy should all support one another.One misaligned effort can spill over into other teams crippling the entire organization’s effectiveness.


Does Your Sales Structure Support Your Vision?

You need a sales structure that makes sense for your vision.  Otherwise, your sales team will get stuck, thrashing, instead of executing the plan.


  • How complex is your sales cycle? Sales cycle length and complexity can dictate the performance of a particular sales structure.


  • What are your customers’ specific needs?  Focusing on customer needs is selling 101.  But your sales structure will need to adapt to these needs.  For example, a geographic sales structures work best with customers requiring in-person contact. On the other hand, complex product specifications require a subject-matter-expert focused team.


The Next Step

We’ve found that setting performances milestones throughout the quarter will catch execution issues early.Work with your team to schedule these milestones and clearly identify the success metrics.


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