Your company just missed the number. Sales Kickoff is over. The questions continue though. Why did we miss? Was it bad sales training? How do we help grow pipeline? Is there a gap in my enablement? Yes…and it’s likely more than just a gap.  


Sure, you cover the sales process. Check. You built the class agenda and staffed all the sessions. Check. Elevator pitch, presentation practice and product training. Check, check and check. So what’s missing?


Are You Connecting Reps and Their Buyers?

Sales reps have gone through all of this before. Stronger enablement happens when you connect it to THEIR accounts. Their buyers. You know they need to grow the pipeline. Everyone does. The right enablement can do this.


A Territory Workshop can ignite the process. It puts reps on a fast track to pipeline. The workshop will help them find answers to key questions:


  • Who are the Buyers and what are the Buyer Characteristics in this market?
  • How to access those Buyers? How to use Social Selling and activate your network?
  • How to identify the top opportunities (cross-/up-sell, new logo, etc.)?
  • How to align to the Buying Process?


A Territory Workshop Will Identify New Opportunities



All of this can be done in a Territory Workshop. You may be asking, “How? This isn’t my strength.” But the answer lies in ‘who’ not ‘how.’ It’s your sales ecosystem. Teams already tasked with helping sales. Pre-sales teams, marketing, and sales managers accountable for rep success. Include them in the workshop. Your enablement connects the dots. You just need four components to make it happen:


  1. You start with the territories, of course.
  2. Sales Operations gathering territory intelligence (examples in the template).
  3. The ecosystem reviewing the top accounts and prospects. Showing sales reps how to find opportunities.
  4. And a template to guide and capture the output.


You might now be asking, “Isn’t this their job?” Well yes. But only top reps do it. Fewer do it well. You need to get everyone building pipeline now. Enable them. The output of the workshop is the roadmap. It’s an action plan for new opportunities.


Help Build Pipeline With Your Enablement

Wouldn’t it make sense to connect this sales ecosystem to your sales reps? Not just to present the latest product slides, but working together? Identifying new opportunities. Calling out buyer triggers and characteristics that will help build pipeline. Employing social selling tactics through LinkedIn 2nd connections. Activating their network.


Add this workshop to your next sales training class. Or run it alone. The sales ecosystem and sales reps mapping the plan to new pipeline. All captured in the workshop template. Run a workshop pilot this quarter. Find 5 reps and do it. It will be the best enablement you run all year. Sales reps will leave with new opportunities in hand. And YOUR enablement made it happen.


Help Reps Connect To Buyers And Identify New Opportunities

So how do you help build pipeline? Start with the template:


Step 1 – Populate the workshop template with a sales rep’s top 10 or 20 accounts. Defined by your measures. Include prospective targets ranked by potential revenue. Or by product footprint. Or company size. Or another metric important to your business.

Step 2 – Capture intelligence on the accounts in the template. What’s the current product footprint? Where have you penetrated well? Whitespace? When’s the next contract renewal date? Support issues? Contacts and LinkedIn 2nd connections? Start activating their network.

Step 3 – Use the ecosystem of sales resources to help. Pre-sales engineers, the product marketing team, and the sales manager. All should participate in the workshop to help sniff out the opportunities. Help them find the buyer triggers. The signs of upsell propensity. The top targets.

Step 4 – Sales reps leave the workshop with a real-time action plan to build pipeline. Will some of the opportunities head south? Sure. Will other deals be found? Of course. But you will have truly enabled your sales reps. They hit the street armed and empowered.   So, Can Sales Enablement Build Pipeline? YES!


Change the course of your enablement. Help identify new opportunities and grow pipeline. Use the Territory Workshop Template as your tool.