As a marketing leader, you have a revenue contribution goal.  We are more than half way thru 2014. The question you should be asking yourself is – are you going to hit it? Has your team been able to execute your vision and contribute to revenue?


Let’s say your marketing plan includes creating several types of content. Blog posts, webinars, eBooks, video, etc. Its purpose is to pull your prospect through the buying process, and produce leads for sales. The first step is the creation. Has your team been able to produce the content? Hopefully the answer is yes.  Your team should be crunching out content easily this late in the year.  So, what’s next? Producing the content is just one piece of the puzzle. To truly generate leads, your team must execute an entire content plan. 


Download the Content Execution Checklist to make sure your vision is getting executed. And more importantly, make sure marketing is contributing to the bottom line.


Ask yourself these 3 questions to be sure your team is implementing your plan.


#1 – Are you promoting your content?

You need to get your content in front of your prospects. There are several channels to choose from. Which do your personas respond to? Here are a few things to consider:


Email.  This is a given. Keep these tips in mind when using email:


  • Make the email personal. Only send what your audience will care about. Tailor it to their needs.
  • Include testing in your process. Find out what subject lines are interesting to your buyers. Find out what format they respond to.  Small changes like these can make big differences.
  • Include social sharing buttons on your emails. Allow your prospects to easily spread your content for you.


These emails can also be used in your lead gen campaigns when appropriate. Check out this article on campaign planning for more info.


Blog.  Chances are your company has a blog. Are you using it to promote your content plan? It doesn’t have to be difficult. Maybe it’s just a short post exposing your readers to the new content.


Social Media.  Hopefully by now you know where your prospects live in social media. Maybe they’re LinkedIn users. Think through how to promote your new content in these places. Use posts to drive traffic. Contribute to LI groups where appropriate. Get the social conversations started.  A few other quick tips include:


  • Use images that work for social media channels. A lot of marketers forget this step.
  • Monitor the social conversations around your content topic. Don’t just post and forget.


CTAs.  This is another easy way to drive more traffic. Create several CTAs. Use these in multiple places.  Understand how your content maps to the buying process to make recommendations to your audience. Use them in blog posts, on your site, in other pieces of content, emails, etc.


#2 – Are your assets converting?

You must pay attention to whether or not the content is converting. It’s not enough just to drive traffic to the page.  You should always be optimizing a few things:


  • Landing page.  Does the title peak interest? Is it easy to understand what the content is and why your prospect should care? If not, make changes.
  • Thank you page.  This is where the prospect goes if they take the bait. Are they easily able to get the content? Can they easily share the page if they like it? And probably most important, is there an obvious next step? This is where you should have a CTA that pulls them into the next stage of the buying process.
  • Thank you email.  This is similar to the thank page. It should be easy to download and share the content. And, you can also include a next step CTA in this email as well.


#3 – Are you being agile in your approach?  

The key to successfully implementing your vision is being agile. Are you looking at the data and making changes accordingly?  Do you understand why one piece of content does really well, and another does not? Consider implementing daily or weekly “scrum” calls with your team. You should review results, celebrate quick wins, and make necessary changes.


Your marketing plan must be executed properly to help make the number. A good place to start is with the Content Execution Checklist. Be sure your team is executing every piece of the puzzle.