Speakers: Vincent Gatti | , SBI



If so, I bet you are trying to figure out key things, such as:


  • How do I allocate quota to sales managers and reps?
  • Who should get what accounts and territories?
  • How much should I pay reps and managers?
  • Who should report to who?


Click here and listen to this podcast.  It is an interview with Vincent Gatti, the Vice President of Sales at ITsavvy, a next gen value added reseller who moves 1 million products through 46 distribution centers, 99% of the time with same day delivery.




During this interview, Vincent walks us through SBI’s 5 Step Sales Strategy Methodology, demonstrating for us how he has used his version of this to:


  1. Collect the needs of the market, accounts, and buyers.
  2. Connect the CEO’s corporate strategy to his sales strategy.
  3. Work with the product team to understand which products should be sold to what customers at what price point.
  4. Partner with the marketing department to cover leads into revenue.
  5. Get the HR department to help him put a team of A players on the field to win the game.


If you are building your sales strategy for next year, click here and listen hear from one of your peers how to use the 5 Step Sales Strategy Methodology.


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