If you want help cracking the data code, click here to watch this case study. It is an interview with Chris Lonnett, the Vice President of Sales Operations at Motorola. Motorola Solutions’ innovations, products, and services play essential roles in people’s lives. For example, first responders dealing with a catastrophe rely on Motorola’s technology.


By watching this episode, you will learn how to define the data required to make sales decisions. We use SBI’s 5 Step Sales Strategy methodology. This is a tool that sales leaders use to set the direction for their team. Chris discusses the first step and explains how he harnesses the power of data. By watching this episode of SBI TV, our audience will get a demo. At the end of the episode, if you want to access to SBI’s 5 Step Sales Methodology, we will let you know how to get it.


Sales Ops leaders are responsible for Building a Data Plan. This plan needs to enable big data analytics to be applied to the discipline of sales. If you need help solving your data problem, click here to hear from one of your peers.