Do you find yourself in too many meetings?


If so, click here and watch this episode of SBI TV and learn how to implement a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meeting rhythm that will cut down on the number of meetings you need to attend. This is an interview with Amy Slater, the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Operations at Rovi Corporation, a company that allows you to discover and personalize content by providing solutions such as interactive programs guides for Dish Network and others.


By watching this episode you will learn how to execute the annual strategic planning process beginning in Q3 and ending in Q2, by using SBI’s Workbook titled, “How to Make Your Number in 2016.”  


SBI’s Workbook is a tool sales ops leaders use to develop a meeting rhythm for their sales teams that allows them to make the number drama free. It spells out:


  • A weekly meeting agenda – prioritized list of action items.
  • A monthly management meeting cadence – red/yellow/green KPI reporting.
  • A quarterly business review process – driving customer and prospect intelligence into the sales strategy.
  • An annual strategic planning process – connecting the sales strategy to the corporate/product/marketing strategy.


Amy walks us through the model, and explains how she does this at her company during this episode.  The benefit to you all is you get to see a “demo” on how to use this tool. At the end of this episode, if you want to use the SBI’s “How to Make Your Number in 2016” workbook yourself, we let you know how to get it.


If you want to put an end to countless meaningless meetings, click here and watch how one of your peers has done so.