Speakers: Brandon Tolany | , SBI



Click here and listen to this podcast. It is an interview with Brandon Tolany, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Freescale, a technology company that does $5 billion a year in sales and employs 17,000 people.




By listening to this podcast, you will learn Brandon’s perspective on:


  •        Understanding which channels buyers prefer to buy from.
  •        Selecting the right mix of channels to go to market with: direct, resellers, web, etc.
  •        Choosing the proper channel coverage model: intensive, selective, or exclusive.
  •        Selecting the right channel partners.
  •        Recruiting new channel partners and on boarding them.
  •        Increasing the productivity of existing channel partners.


If you are a sales leader, and want to learn from a peer how to sell your products through channel partners, click here.


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