Are you missing the number because you suffer from:


  • False differentiation – differentiation that is not important to your marketplace or a false presumption of superiority?
  • Uneconomic differentiation – differentiation that customers are unwilling to pay for?
  • Unsustainable differentiation – differentiation that is easily imitated?


Tough questions, for sure.


If you want to find out how to answer these mission critical questions, click here and watch this episode of SBI TV. This is an interview with Jim Wetekamp, the CEO of BravoSolution, a leading provider of software and service solutions that help procurement professionals in the areas of spend analysis, sourcing, and supplier performance management.


By watching this episode you will learn how to develop a highly differentiated corporate strategy using SBI’s 8 Step Corporate Strategy Methodology.  


SBI’s Corporate Strategy Methodology is what CEOs use to define the unique advantages they will have in the marketplace.


Jim walks us through the method, and explains how he does a version of this at his company during this episode.  The benefit to you all is you get to see a “demo” on how to use this tool. At the end of this episode, if you want to use the SBI’s 8 Step Corporate Strategy Methodology yourself, I let you know how to get it.


If you want a highly differentiated corporate strategy, that gives your company the best chance to win, click here and watch how one of your peers has done so.