Speakers: Alan Foster | Mark Synek, SBI

Success comes down to two things: who you hire and the performance conditions you place them in.  Recently, we discussed this subject on our podcast with Alan Foster, an expert on this topic. You can listen here.


At SBI, we often say that success is 50% hiring and 50% performance conditions. That percentage can be debated, but ultimately, the reality is that people do matter. Alan is the co-author of the book, Power Score: Your Formula For Leadership Success. Alan is also a Principal at ghSmart. He serves private equity investors, Fortune 500 clients, and non-profit organizations in the areas of leadership selection, development, and organizational transformation.


During this interview, Alan discusses:

  • How to hire the right people and match them to the right priorities.
  • His 3 step process for getting the right talent.
  • How companies should update the antiquated annual review process.
  • How to create individual development plans.
  • What successful sales organizations do differently when coaching and mentoring their teams.


Sales and marketing teams cannot make their number if they don’t have the right talent strategy. Additionally, they must work to constantly develop their talent to keep pace with the market and ahead of the competition. Alan provides fantastic insight on how to do exactly that. Listen here.