Speakers: Laura Goldberg | , SBI

Laura Goldberg CMO LegalZoom


Are your marketing campaigns generating the desired results? If not, do you understand why? Designing and implementing campaigns takes a lot of time and resources.  And nothing is worse than not seeing that effort pay off.


If you suffer from this problem, listen to this interview with Laura Goldberg, the CMO of LegalZoom.  LegalZoom is the leading provider of quality modern legal solutions for families and small businesses. Laura has been with LegalZoom for almost 2 years, and prior to that had a fascinating career with stops at Napster as the chief operating officer, and at NFL Online as the general manager.


During this interview, Laura explains:


  • How to accurately define your audience.
  • How to select the correct marketing programs and activities.
  • How to create compelling offers for your target audience. 


Laura and I use SBI’s workbook to guide our conversation.  Specifically we refer to pages 184 – 189 which detail how to design marketing campaigns that attract your buyers. If, at the end of the show, you want to use SBI’s workbook, download How to Make Your Number in 2017.


As a marketing leader you are under constant pressure to perform.  Your CEO, and your sales partner want to see results.  And these results determine your future budget.  If you are successful, you are likely to get more.  If not, then your budget will be cut.  If you want to see how one of your peers has successfully planned and launched top-notch campaigns, click here and listen to this podcast.  


How to Make Your Number in 2017