Which of these 4 categories do you put yourself in heading into next year?


  1. Die Quickly – a poor plan executed brilliantly.
  2. Die Slowly – a poor plan executed poorly.
  3. Survive – a brilliant plan executed poorly.
  4. Thrive – a brilliant plan executed brilliantly.


Obviously, you want to be in category 4. But, if you are like most sales leaders you are not sure which category you are in.


If you want to find out, click here and watch this episode of SBI TV and learn how to make your number by combining flawless execution with brilliant strategy. This is an interview with Vincent Gatti, the Vice President of Sales at ITsavvy, a next gen value added reseller who went from a small regional player to a national powerhouse.


By watching this episode you will learn how to “Thrive,” by implementing SBI’s 5 Step Sales Strategy Methodology. 


SBI’s 5 Step Sales Strategy Methodology is a method sales leaders use to develop a sales strategy to get the most out of their sales resources. It has five steps, which we go through during this show, and as a sales team goes from step 1 to step 5 two fantastic things happen: 1- the chances of making the number increase, and 2- the effort to do so decreases.


Vincent walks us through the model, and explains how he uses his version of it to be successful in this episode.  The benefit to you all is you get to see a “demo” on how to use this methodology. At the end of this episode, if you want to use the 5 Step Sales Strategy Methodology yourself, we let you know how to get it.


If you want to be more than an efficient tactician, and master the science of sales strategy, click here and watch how one of your peers has done so.