Are you going to make some acquisitions and are wondering:


  • If the revenue growth assumptions are accurate?
  • If the customer acquisition cost assumptions are accurate?
  • How to eliminate customer and employee defections post deal?
  • What the right organizational model is for the sale team when the two companies are one?


If so, click here and watch this episode of SBI.TV. This is an interview with Omar Choucair, the CFO of MultiView, a B2B digital media company that produces 1,700 trade association publications serving 40,000 advertisers. Omar has completed 13 acquisitions recently and has great advice for us all.


By watching this episode you will learn if you should merge the sales teams or keep them separate.  And if you do decide to merge the sales team, how to do so without triggering customer and employee defections.  


If you plan on growing through acquisitions, click here and watch how one of your peers has handled post deal sales force integration.