To do this, you must design campaigns that attract buyers to your products. Sounds simple right? But it’s not. Recently we interviewed Laura Goldberg, CMO at LegalZoom on this very subject. You can watch here. LegalZoom provides an easy-to-use, online service that helps people and businesses create their own legal documents.


Marketing campaigns fail for a variety of reasons. Many times the audience is not well defined. The wrong programs are chosen, and the wrong activities are executed. Or the offers were not well developed, and do not resonate with the audience. How can you prevent this? Through proper campaign planning. In this episode, Laura demos how she does exactly that at her company.


She will walk you through each of the steps. From determining the types of campaigns to run, all the way through measuring success. We will use SBI’s playbook, the 6 Step Revenue Growth Methodology, to guide our conversation. Specifically, Laura will walk us through the campaign planning phase. After the show, we will let you know how to get a copy to use at your organization.


Ultimately campaign planning comes down to a few key points. Laura advises the audience on how to know your audience, your selling points, and your channels. This will set your campaigns up for success. Watch and listen to her advice here.