Watch this interview with Perry Offer, CEO at Dialogue Group. He demonstrates how he sets his company up for success. Perry has been with Dialogue for 3 years, and has 35 years of business experience. He is known for his ability to get companies to grow at a staggering pace.


Perry details how he sets objectives for the entire organization. He also explains how those objectives are then converted by his departments. Specifically, he discusses how they become marketing targets, sales quotas, and HR metrics.


During this interview, we use SBI’s 8 Step Corporate Strategy Methodology. It is a tool used to put companies in the best positions within the marketplace. Perry discusses the fifth step in detail. He explains how he ensures the company’s objectives drive daily decision making at all levels. At the end of the episode, if you want to access to our methodology, we will let you know how to get it.


Your corporate strategy must set companywide objectives. If it doesn’t, the functions within the company will have no common definition of success. To avoid this problem, click here to watch Perry’s advice.