Speakers: Rick Haviland | , SBI



Which markets should you compete in? This is a question many CEOs struggle with.


If you have this problem, listen to this interview with Rick Haviland. He is the President of MarketSource, the world’s most successful sales and marketing outsourcing company.  Founded in 1975 MarketSource has helped over 200 companies generate over $6 billion in revenue.


Rick has been with the company for 22 years, and as President is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the company and for extending its market leadership position.  




During this interview, Rick explains:


  • His definition of a market.
  • What makes a market attractive and why.
  • How to build the discipline internally to keep your resources focused on only the selected markets.


Sales and marketing teams cannot make their numbers if the CEO or President does not give them an accurate number.  A key input into assigning out a revenue target is market selection, and if you get this wrong, you are going to miss your number.  Listen here to hear how one of your peers has successfully done this.   


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