Speakers: Dave Howard | , SBI



The role of sales ops has become corrupted. It has become a catch-all job without a defined role and clear set of expectations. This is causing sales ops leaders to work 80 hours a week with no end in sight.


How do you avoid this? Click here and listen to this podcast. It is an interview with Dave Howard. He is the Senior Vice President of Sales Operations at FIS, a global leader in banking and payment solutions.  FIS serves over 14,000 institutions in 130 countries, employs approximately 42,000 people, and does a little over $6 billion in annual sales.


Dave discusses how he has developed a sales ops strategy and answers questions like:


  • How do you determine the business objectives of your sales ops team?
  • What dashboards need to be provided to the various stakeholders to enable effective decision making?
  • What types of sales analytics should you deploy?


Dave and I use SBI’s workbook titled, “How to Make Your Number in 2016” to guide our conversation.  We refer to a section of SBI’s Revenue Growth Methodology, specifically pages 186-192. If, at the end of the show, you want to use SBI’s workbook, I will let you know how to get it.


Sales teams cannot make their numbers without a well thought out, and executed sales ops strategy. And this starts by gaining agreement on the objectives of the department. If you want to hear how one of your peers has successfully built and implemented a sales ops strategy, click here.