Speakers: Keith Cox | , SBI



If so, click here and listen to this podcast and learn how to find out. It is an interview with Keith Cox, the Vice President of American Sales for UPS Capital, a UPS company that provides finance and insurance to companies with physical supply chains.




During this interview, Keith places his sales team at UPS Capital on SBI’s Revenue Growth Maturity Model.  What is SBI’s Revenue Growth Maturity Model and why should you want to listen to Keith’s application?


SBI’s Revenue Growth Maturity model is a tool sales leaders use to see if they are going to make the number. It has five stages, which we go through during this show, and as a sales team moves up from level 1 to level 5 two fantastic things happen: 1.) the chances of making the number increase, and 2.) the effort to do so decreases.


We walk Keith through the model, and he attempts to self-assess himself during this interview.  The benefit to you all is you get to see a “demo”, if you will, on how to use this tool. At the end of this exercise, if you want to use the Revenue Growth Maturity Model yourself, we let you know how to get it.


If you want to increase your odds of making your number, click here and hear how one of your peers has done so.


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