Speakers: Omar Choucair | , SBI



9 out of 10 times, the post-acquisition integration of the sales force gets botched. This results in turf wars, obsolete org charts, poor cross sell and up sell performance, lots of employee turnover, an increase in customer defection etc.


If your growth strategy includes acquisitions and you feel you might have this problem, click here and listen to this podcast. It is an interview with Omar Choucair, the CFO of MultiView, the #1 provider of B2B digital publications for trade associations. Omar discusses: 




  • How to prevent a good deal from turning bad due to post deal integration issues in the sales team.
  • Ways to ensure little to no customer defection post acquisition.
  • The secret sauce for employee retention in the sales team after an acquisition.
  • How to spot customer and employee defection risk during due diligence.


If your growth strategy includes acquisitions, and you cannot afford post deal issues in the sales force, click here and hear how one of your peers has managed through this issue.


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