Watch this interview with Lori Chmura, the Vice President of US Sales for Cordis. Cordis is one of the most respected names in global interventional medical devices. The company is trusted by healthcare professionals for comprehensive solutions that achieve better results. During the interview, Lori will demonstrate how she has deployed a new sales process.


Many outdated sales processes are no longer effective. When used, they cause reps to miss their number. Instead, sales teams should be relying on custom built sales processes. Why? A custom built sales process results in shorter sales cycles, and higher win rates. And what makes a custom sales process different than its predecessor? It’s tailored to the specific needs of your customers. Your reps will sell the way your buyers want to buy.


During the show, we will use SBI’s Revenue Growth Methodology to structure the conversation. Lori will discuss how she has implemented a version of this at Cordis. She will explain how she determined the way her customers make purchase decisions. And more importantly, how she has modified her sales process to accommodate this. If, at the end of the show, you want access to the methodology, we will let you know how to get it.


You need to win more deals in less time. Upgrading your sales process is one way to do this. Specifically, by deploying a customized sales process. Listen to Lori’s advice here, to see how she’s done this successfully.