Speakers: Lisa Redekop | , SBI



Click here and listen to this podcast. It is an interview with Lisa Redekop, who helps lead the sales enablement efforts at Gartner.  Lisa has been enabling sales teams for 30 years at some of the world’s top companies, such as HP, Thomson Reuters, and Gartner.




By listening to this podcast, you will hear Lisa’s perspective on:


  •        Developing a sales enablement strategy for 2016.
  •        How to be much more than the “sales training team.”
  •        Establishing a charter for the sales enablement team.
  •        The truth about sales playbooks.
  •        Developing the sales enablement technology stack.
  •        Certification, gamification, and coaching circa 2016.
  •        Which sales enablement KPIs matter, and which ones don’t.


If you are a sales leader, and want to hear from one of your peers with 30 years of experience on how to develop a sales enablement strategy for 2016 click here.


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