Sales leaders and sales ops leaders must have a true partnership. Because without the support of a sales ops strategy, the sales team will miss their goal.


Click here to watch how Dave Howard has successfully done this at FIS. FIS has more than 55,000 employees and serves more than 20,000 clients. Dave is the Senior Vice President of Sales Operations and has been there for over 15 years.


During this interview, Dave will address how to avoid common missteps made by sales ops leaders. Too frequently the role of sales ops becomes corrupted. And the expectations are not clearly defined. It becomes a “catch-all” position, with the leader wearing many hats. 


Dave will discuss how he sets objectives for the sales team, and how to use a sales ops charter. He’ll cover data. Specifically the architecture, analytics, and dashboards sales ops leaders should be using. And finally he will overview items like technology, QBRS, and relationships with other departments. 


Without a well thought out and executed sales ops strategy, revenue goals will be missed. To avoid this watch how one of your peers has been successful. He has built a sales ops strategy and a true partnership with his peers.