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If so, click here and listen to this podcast. It is an interview with Lee Kirkpatrick, the CFO of Twilio, a technology company in Silicon Valley that is reinventing telecommunications by merging the worlds of cloud computing and web services with telecommunications. The company is backed by a list of gold plated investors, such as Bessemer, Union Square, and the Founder’s Fund.




Why should you listen to this?


  • It is time for a new way to size the sales force. The old ways are boring, and ineffective.
  • If you have too few “feet on the street” next year, you will miss the number.
  • The annual headcount planning process is the one chance you have to get this right so now is the time to focus on this.
  • As you grow, you add reps and divide territories. If you do this incorrectly, your A players will leave for better opportunities. If your best people quit, you will miss your number, and probably lose your job.


Sales leaders, and their CFO counterparts, need a fresh approach to sizing the sales force.  Click here and hear about the new way to do this.


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