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If so, click here and listen to this podcast for an example of how to do it correctly. It is an interview with Tim Robertson, US Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DHL, the most international company in the world with 285,000 employees in 220 countries.


Designing territories at DHL is very hard for the company has many business units, geographies, product and service lines, market segments, industry verticals, and specialized sales teams.




Due to this level of difficulty, Tim has had to get very good at designing sales territories, and there is much to learn from him. By listening to this podcast, you can get Tim’s perspectives on:


  • Why a sales leader makes, or misses, his or her number based on territory design more than any other factor.
  • Why allocating accounts, territories, geographies, product lines, and channel partners to sales teams is the single most important strategic activity the head of sales performs each year.
  • How to:
    • Accurately baseline current performance.
    • Project current customer spend onto future prospect potential spend.
    • Take market potential down to account potential and stack rank accounts based on which will produce the most amount of revenue in the shortest amount of time.
    • Chose a territory design principle from the available best practices. (Ex. customer concentration, workload balancing, territory compression, etc.)
    • Rebalance territories without losing customers and/or star sales reps.
    • Produce territory plans so reps know which activities to focus on.


    If you want to make your number next year, and believe territory design is the key to making that happen, click here and hear how to do it correctly.


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