Speakers: Paul Loftus | , SBI



What is a sales transformation? A sales transformation is a complete overhaul of a company’s sales capabilities. Click here to hear from Paul Loftus, the Vice President of Sales and Revenue Retention at the tax and accounting division of Wolters Kluwer. Paul is on the show today because he has made a career executing sales transformations. If you are trying to do this, you can learn a lot from his experience.


The need for sales transformations is usually caused by one of two stimulants. First, the CEO takes the company in a new direction requiring a sales transformation. For instance, entrance into a new market filled with new potential customers and competitors. This would drive the need for a sales transformation. The second driver is that sales results are so poor, the CEO decides to hit reset and start over. 


During the show, Paul discusses:


  • What changes to make to the sales process and sales methodology.
  • What changes to make to the organizational model and why.
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid as you go through a sales transformation.


We use a section of SBI’s 5 Step Sales Strategy Methodology to guide our conversation. Specifically we use pages 155-194 of our workbook titled, “How to Make Your Number in 2016.” If, at the end of the show, you want to use SBI’s workbook, I will let you know how to get it.


Sales transformations are hard. Many companies that try one, fail. Click here to hear how one of your peers has successfully pulled off several sales transformations. The stakes are too high not to.