Speakers: Chris Lonnett | , SBI



We live in the era of big data. Sales Ops leaders are being asked to master the skill of data planning to outsell, and out market their competitors. But many struggle with dirty data, system issues and knowing how to derive meaningful insights.


If you feel you might suffer from this problem, click here and listen to this podcast. It is an interview with Chris Lonnett, the Vice President of Sales Operations at Motorola.  Chris has been with Motorola for over 22 years. The company provides mission critical communications systems to the public safety market. 




During the interview, Chris discusses:


  • How to determine what data you have vs. what data you need.
  • The root cause of dirty data and how to remedy it.
  • The technology stack needed to support sales and sales ops.


We use SBI’s workbook, “How to Make Your Number in 2016” to guide our conversation, specifically the section that deals with data planning. Chris explains how he uses a version of this at his company, and demos the tool for the audience. If at the end you would like a copy, I will let you know how to get one. 


There are two types of sales ops leaders. First, there is the strategic sales ops leader who delivers meaningful and measurable impact to the head of sales. This type of sales ops leader earns the title of Vice President and a high wage. Second, there is the tactical sales ops leader who just runs around doing everything no one else wants to do.  This type of sales ops leader is a manager or a director, not a VP, and is paid as such. If you want to be the first type, listen here to hear how one of your peers has done so.


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