Channel selection and optimization is critical when driving revenue growth. If you want to streamline how to get your product to the end customer, this is a good place to start. We’re joined today by Chris Bittner, the senior director of global sales and channel strategy for Autodesk, to discuss the ins and outs of channel management.


Chris first explains how he determines product channel fit and how he learns what channels his customers want to buy from. He’ll also discuss channel partners and the ideal channel partner profile, as well as how to deal with channel consolidation. Chris will walk us through channel coverage models and how to gain an understanding of competitor channels with a competitor channel analysis.


Chris then discusses signing, onboarding and managing channel partners. These are skills that all market leaders would benefit from mastering. Chris wraps up the show by going over the top 3 tips our audience can implement today to put yourself on the path toward a highly optimized channel management strategy.


Too often sales teams think they have a channel optimization strategy, but they don’t. If you’re unsure, watch Chris Bittner’s interview on channel management here. He’ll explain how to determine what channels your buyers want to buy through. And how much it costs to acquire a customer by product, market and sales channel.