In our annual channel VP survey, 112 of the 208 responses indicated they were not certain which tactics to change of the various options available to them.  Are you one of the VP’s of Channels that is wondering what will really move the needle next year?


This year, top tier channel organizations got serious about channel enablement.  HP, Cisco and Avaya are just a few that launched aggressive programs to bolster their partner’s capabilities and reward them accordingly.  Avaya recently announced several game changing moves to enable partners that include:


  • New benchmarking tools to compare themselves to other Avaya partners and industry averages
  • Personalized reports so partners can understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • A special partner designation for those scoring highest in customer surveys
  • Consolidation of tools, pricing and operational workflows into a single workflow


“We are removing obstacles and improving accessibility; making it easier for the best and the brightest to do business with us.” – Jeremy Butt, VP, Avaya Worldwide Channels

The new Avaya programs are the result of a detailed assessment of what could move the needle.  A good place for your team to start is to assess the level of available enablement content you have today.  These are table stakes in the current environment.  You can’t afford to lag in this area


Take these simple steps today:


  1. Map out the activities your buyer undertakes in their own process today
  2. Identify whether you have channel ready content for each activity
  3. Classify the content as non-existent, partially ready or public facing


The figure below is an excerpt of just such an assessment:


Channel sales enablement content resized 600


Once you have completed your internal assessment, schedule a meeting with your CMO and Product Management leaders to fast track the creation of public facing content.  Your partners have options in the marketplace and they will not wait forever if other vendors make it easier for them to sell




  • Channel leaders are unsure of the actions take next year that will create big results
  • Top channel organizations have already moved to significantly enable their partners
  • If you are also unsure, confirm that your channel enablement content is ready for prime time
  • If you find gaps, work quickly before now and January to remediate the issue


For more information on assessing your partner’s strengths and weaknesses read this article here. What plans do you have for bold changes in your channel management tactics for 2012?


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