The five elements of channel strategy are listed below:


  • True alignment to corporate and sales strategy
  • Defined partner selection process
  • Adherence to a channel governance process
  • Partner focused recruitment package
  • Comprehensive channel enablement content


Too often, a partner recruitment package reads like a corporate brochure.  We forget that partner’s are most interested in themselves and their own gain from a potential partnership.  Focus on what they care about most.  Here is a short list:


  • The amount of money they can make with us
  • The kind of sales support you will provide
  • The kind of tech support you will provide
  • The kind of marketing support you will provide
  • The ability to white label, OEM or customize your solutions
  • How you handle pricing assistance
  • Specifics on the on-boarding program
  • How you handle channel conflict (viv-a-vis other channels and your own sales org)
  • How you manage the go-to-market plan including the media plan


When you build your recruitment package around these topics, you come to grips with how well defined these items are today.


Compare your current recruitment package against the best practices above and consider if you need to revamp your approach.  Your channel management strategy will be better positioned for success after you address this key element


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