Timing and preparation for new product releases is everything. Your 2014 number requires net new revenue from new product launches. A poor launch will waste R & D dollars. Lack of sales enablement will cause you to miss the number. Sales enablement alignment to the customers buying cycle is required. Misalignment can result in missing the buying cycle completely.


Enabling the sales force is required to avoid missing the 1st year revenue goals. Make sure your marketing team is doing everything required to prepare the sales team. Download the New Product Release Readiness Guide here.


Why Use the Tool?

Making the number relies on your team’s ability to prepare the sales force. The old days of providing training, PowerPoint decks and a brochure are over.


The tool outlines the questions you need to answer. It provides you a list of the tools your team should be developing. It allows you to easily answer the question: How is marketing preparing for the new product release?


How This Tool Helps

The tool provides a wide range of benefits. Here are top reasons to take advantage of this tool:


  • Quickly assess your new product launch readiness
  • Produce an action plan of what’s required to prepare the sales team for launch
  • Align with sales, providing them the direction & tools they need to be successful
  • Ability to hit first year new product launch revenue goals


Results of Utilizing Assessment Tool

Here are the results you can expect by leveraging the tool:


  • Hit the first year new product launch revenue goals
  • A road map to address “gaps” or gulfs” in your new product go-to-market readiness plan
  • An agreement with sales, and a no excuses approach to marketing & sales collaboration
  • A greater return on your marketing investments


Getting Started

Download the New Product Release Readiness Guide. Then schedule a 60-90 minute meeting with your team to assess the current state. Complete the guide gap/gulf assessment for each requirement. Develop the action plan to address any gaps/gulfs. Assign the action items to each team member.


If you have any questions, connect with me on LinkedIn and send me an Inmail to connect in real time. We’ll spend 30 minutes walking through the New Product Release Readiness Guide.


John Staples

Leads teams of highly qualified experts, all relentless in their pursuit of helping you make your number.

John is the global leader of SBI’s account management business unit. As such, he and his team help clients across 19 verticals drive top line growth and operational efficiency in sales and marketing.


John’s marketing, sales and product expertise span a multichannel strategic approach. He has an unyielding focus on strategic and key account development, which enables strategic alignment between all functional team members in order to reduce acquisition cost and increase lifetime value.


His broad experience in sales, marketing, product and engineering allows him to bring a unique problem solving approach to his team and clients. As he has discovered through decades of experience, clients are often distracted by the symptoms of a larger problem and overlook the root cause of it.


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