If you are anything like me when I open my monthly credit card bill, you might find yourself peeking through your fingers when you open your sales results.Q1 Sales Compensation Assessment Image resized 600


If this is the case, what now?


A Resource for You:

Start by downloading this simple tool called Q1 Sales Compensation Assessment Dashboard. It’s designed to review the performance on a per rep, per team or per manager basis for Q1. The idea is to get a visual representation of quota performance to goal and cost of revenue to goal. For me, I always find it helpful if I’m looking at “The Big Picture” versus a bunch of numbers. Just populate the green cells with your info and it will do the rest.


Sales Compensation Assessment Q1 Dashboard


Ok, you might be asking. What next?


High, Medium, Low:

Now that you have the results, it’s time to assess them. In other words, how should you prioritize where to focus your time so you don’t have a repeat performance in Q2? I’m a fan of using high, medium, and low as a way to qualitatively look at the data.