CMO demonstrates how to create an inspiring brand that tells your strategic story through Brand Strategy and Planning.

Simon Mouyal Chief Marketing Officer for Medidata


Joining us for today’s show is Simon Mouyal, the Chief Marketing Officer for Medidata. Simon is recognized as one of the top 100 CMO’s in the world and knows how to make the number. Matt and Simon leverage SBI’s How to Make Your Number in 2018 PDF Workbook to share emerging best practices. Flip to the Marketing and Strategy Execution phase, Brand Strategy & Planning found on pages 254 – 260.


Today we are going to demonstrate how to create an inspiring brand that tells your strategic story through Brand Strategy and Planning.


Why this topic? Your competitors are making the same claims and promises as you. They are even using the same words. Brands that are built on “who you are” and “what you do” do not result in above average revenue growth. Your brand impacts revenue growth when it gets activated by the sales force and becomes uniquely relevant to your customer and prospects.


Simon is highly qualified to speak on this topic. His career foundation was built at the largest telco, the largest hardware company, and the largest software company. Simon then went to Rackspace where he built the brand on the foundation of fanatical support. In his latest assignment he has taken the Medidata brand and put it on the map within his target industry. He approaches brand development with the right depth of strategic horsepower combined with the ability to get the brand to market.


Watch as Simon demonstrates with clarity how to define the brand and the brand promise guarantee. Simon states, “Connecting the dots between marketing and sales is extremely critical. Find a way to rally them around something that they can be very proud of, that’s part of their culture, that’s basically helping them to explain to their mom what they are doing in their professional life. That’s the goal.” This level of clarity that Simon describes ensures that the positioning has simplicity and energy to rally around.


In the second segment of the show, Simon walks through how the key value proposition of the brand must reflect what’s in your corporate DNA. The promise and the reality of the experience must be congruent. Watch as Simon describes how to make sure that marketing is not overstating what will be possible to deliver. The process for evaluating your brand is outlined for you to apply to your business.


The final segment goes deep into how the sales force lives the brand in every interaction with customers, prospects and partners. Equally important is how the brand impression differs from that of your competitors. Simon describes how to communicate this to the sales force and enable them to tell a distinctive story.


Finally, we discuss the core opportunity for brand relevance and differentiation to inspire your strategic story.


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