Jill KonrathDay after day I find myself exploring the ever-expanding blogosphere looking for new sales tips, strategies and insights to keep myself ahead of the curve and keep the company’s resources fresh.  My Google reader is packed with how-to’s for sales management and best practices in lead generation.  One day, as I was slipping into another blog-induced doldrum, I came across Jill Konrath’s blog that compelled me to act.  It had nothing to do with the sales process, did not include any acronyms and was absent a single list.  It simply asked readers to write a limerick related to sales in the comments.  Of course I did.  That was the beginning of one productive afternoon. 


My interest in Jill grew and I have since picked up her book SNAP Selling: Speed Up Sales and Win More Business with Today’s Frazzled Customers.  Filled with refreshing insights that go beyond your run of the mill Sales Opus, SNAP Selling opens the sales professional’s mind to consider the how to sell to customers, what that customer should look like and how compel that customer to act.  The book allows you to think creatively about how you can speed up the sales process while not losing value added to the customer.  I recently asked Jill why she uses such an engaging, whimsical style in her work.  She told me that “you are more productive and can open your creativity when you’re having fun.


So what is SNAP Selling?  It’s all about four critical factors necessary when engaging with ‘crazy-busy’ buyers and their crazy frazzled buying process.


  • Simple:  President Clinton would approve.  Keep it simple stupid.
  • iNvaluable:  The competitive playing field is evening out.  Personal relationships become iNvaluable.
  • Aligned: Present relevant results that show your customer’s goals are your own.
  • Priority:  Customers need to know why they must buy now.


To expand further on this book would be to go against everything Jill professes.  I will point out that her examination of how to create critical connections using social media marketing in order to expand your visibility has been very useful in my own navigation of the ever expanding world of Social Marketing.  Her insight into a sales person’s role as “Decision Guide” will be important as we continue into an age where buyers need less information about a product and more information on how to use that product to impact high level decision making.  


Speeding up a sales process to keep up with customers in a fast paced world takes fresh perspectives.  Jill understands how to help the reader think in new ways about old problems.  Keep it SNAPpy and you’ll see increased revenue and have more fun in the process.


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