Critical Step for Making the Number: Talk to Your Pipeline!


We’ve talked about the challenges of creating a Marketing Strategy. You have a handle on all the internal interdependencies. Marketing and Sales are aligned with the corporate strategy and have the products and talent covered. Within the organization the march to meet your number for 2016 looks great.


But what critical piece will you miss if you don’t pull your head out of your organization? Making the number is dependent upon Marketing’s contribution to the pipeline.


Engage with Prospects and Clients:

What happens when strategy is planned without engagement with your customers?


All the planning and strategizing in the world won’t help you make your number if it’s done in the bubble of your organization. You need engagement with your prospects and customers. And that engagement can’t be left to chance. You need a planned process to capture the information you need.


Marketing Strategy Engagement Process:

Engagement here means defining the specific processes the Marketing team uses to connect with both customers and prospects. Demand will drive early stage inquiries. Lead management processes take it from there, nurturing inquiries ready for Sales.


If you are like other world-class marketing organizations, you will source 30 to 50% of the sales pipeline. Making the number is dependent upon Marketing’s contribution to the pipeline. It’s dependent and absolutely critical to the overall strategy.


Three Phases of Engagement:

There are three phases to the engagement part of the Marketing strategy.


  • Content Process:  Defining the process for generating and distributing captivating and convincing content to attract buyers. This is no small task in this age of information overload. When and where will our buyers get content? What content needs creating? What does our editorial calendar look like? How can we continually test and improve content?
  • Campaign Process: Tracking inquiries by generating interest to your products and solutions. Since yesterday’s lead gen tactics no longer work, what is your campaign to attract inquiries? What are the campaign goals? How do we qualify and score leads? Can we leverage automation to generate and measure demand?
  • Lead Management Process: Nurturing early inquiries into prospects and then Sales-ready leads. Remember that 30 to 50% metric of world-class marketing? What is a lead at each stage of the process? What workflows are needed to respond to leads? How do nurture leads along the way? What resources do Lead Development Reps (LDRs) need to nurture and execute? What does an A-player LDR look like?


A lot of work? You bet. All while keeping your eye on Q4 and year-end.


Your Number. Your Office. Our Strategy.

We spent an entire year researching how A-players consistently make their number. And then we developed the strategy workbook so you can use it to make your number in 2016.


You don’t have to do it alone. We can help. And you won’t even need to leave your office, because we’ll send an SBI strategist to you. Just register for the “How to Make Your Number in 2016” workshop today.


Aaron Bartels

Helps clients solve the most difficult challenges standing in the way of making their number.

He founded Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) with Greg Alexander and Mike Drapeau to help business to business (B2B) leaders make the number. The world’s most respected companies have put their trust in and hired SBI. SBI uses the benchmarking method to accelerate their rate of revenue growth. As an execution based firm, SBI drives field adoption and business results.

His clients describe him as a consultant who:


“Makes transformational impacts on me, my people and my business”


“Solves my most difficult problems that to date we have been unable to solve ourselves”


“Brings clarity to an environment of chaos”


“Has real world sales operations experience making him qualified to advise us on a variety of sales and marketing challenges”


“Is able to spot proven best practices that once implemented will make a material impact on my business”


“Constantly challenges status quo and compels us to act”


“Focuses on execution and driving change to stick in our environment”


“Makes good on his promises while enabling our business to realize his projected results”

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