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Sales Process Lori Chmura


Today’s topic is how to deploy a sales process. The purpose of a sales process is to win more deals, win bigger deals and to do it faster.


Standard one-size-fits-all sales methodologies no longer work. The competitors can license the same sales methodologies from the same vendors you can, so there is no competitive advantage to be had by adopting the latest sales methodology from the sales training industry. To increase deal sizes, improve win rates and shorten sales cycles, you need to adopt a custom, proprietary sales process/methodology.


Joining us is Lori Chmura, Vice President of US Sales for Cordis. Lori has over 28 years of business experience, and has deployed a version of a customized sales process during her tenure. During the interview, Lori will demonstrate how she updated and re-launched a sales process.


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During the show, we will use SBI’s Revenue Growth Methodology to structure the conversation. Lori will discuss how she implemented a version of this at Cordis. She will explain how she determined the way her customers make purchase decisions. And more importantly, how she has modified her sales process to accommodate this. If, at the end of the show, you want access to the methodology, we will let you know how to get it.


In the first segment of the show, Lori describes how she researched prospect’s preferences for buying. Her industry has faced a tremendous amount of change and the sales process needs to stay coordinated with how buyers are making decisions.


This is a great example of how today’s buyers are changing. Previously some of the best, most successful sales forces have come from the medical device field. But now they are required to sell to a different buyer, and they must adapt. This caused Lori and her team to build a unique process.


The second segment of the show focuses on building a Custom-Built Sales Process. The show concludes on the topic of Sales Training. Lori took several steps to ensure adoption among her team. From start to finish, the entire organization was interacting and on the same page.


You need to win more deals in less time. Upgrading your sales process is one way to do this. Specifically, by deploying a customized sales process. Listen to Lori’s advice to see how she’s done this successfully.


Since the interview was recorded, Lori became the CEO of Dune Medical Device. Dune offers surgeons and radiologists the ability to detect cancer in real time. Congratulations to Lori and we plan to bring Lori on the show again to share her perspective as a Chief Executive Officer.


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