Speakers: Mark Lenhard | , SBI



Are you growing revenue faster than you industry growth rate? How about faster than your competition? To do so, you need a revenue growth strategy and execution plan. I recently spoke with Mark Lenhard, the senior vice president of strategy at Magento Commerce about strategy development. Magento provides an open source digital commerce solution to 250,000 companies. And Mark is responsible for helping Magento’s leadership develop and execute the company’s multi-year strategy.


During the interview, Mark will discuss topics such as:  


  • The critical success factors needed to increase revenue growth faster than the industry.
  • Understanding your customer by profiling the person who buys your products or services.
  • Determining the driving demand behind your growth strategy.
  • Defining and developing your strategic advantage when dealing with competitors.
  • How your competitive advantage impacts strategy development of the different functions in the organization.


Growing your revenue faster than your industry and competitors is not easy. You must understand your strengths, and align these with your strategy. This strategy must then cascade throughout the entire organization. Mark has successfully done this at several large organizations, and has valuable insights to share with our audience. Listen as he explains how he has developed and executed his revenue growth strategy. He will share tips you can use immediately to increase revenue, and outpace your market.